Item #8006 A unique WWII prison album. GAY PRISON ALBUM.
A unique WWII prison album
A unique WWII prison album
A unique WWII prison album

A unique WWII prison album

Trier (1942-1944) (3" x 4 1/4").

Item #8006

A unique WWII prison album of 15 black and white photographs and 1 negative documenting a romance between two French prisoners of war interned at the Stalag XII-D in Trier, Germany. Spanning a period between November 1942 and May 1944, most of the photographs and inscriptions on versos reveal a romance between Francis Garnier-Arnoul (the owner of the album) and a certain Christian.
Among the inscriptions are the following:
"Te connaitre, te voir, t'aimer. Bien douces choses Kiki. Gardons et profitons de ces jours heureux en souhaitant que cela puisse continuer. Ch" (To know you, to see you, to love you. Sweet things Kiki. Let's enjoy and always remember these hapy days withthe hope that this may last. Ch).
"Trois jours que je ne t'ai vu. C'est long. Crois moi. Le soir je te verrai, et ma joie reviendra. Si tu pouvais lire en moi-meme maintent. Christian." (Three days I have not seen you. It's long. believe me. This evening I will see you, and my joy will return. If you could read me right now. Christian).
"Unis par la pensee et par le coeur. Toujours l'un avec l'autre. Christian." (United by the mind and the heart. Always with each other. Christian)

This wallet-size album contains five photographs showing the two lovers together (including one duplicate). Other photographs depict some of Francis' friends at the camp (Bruno, Louison, Elie, as well as a Dutch prisoner of war named Henk Timmer). Included are photographs indicating that the two lovers were part of the team publishing the Stalag newspaper. Five of the 15 photographs are inscribed by fellow prisoners of war who befriended Francis during their captivity. Most of the original photographs measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", with one measuring 2 3/4" x 2 1/2" .
Very good, album is partly rubbed along edges, with paper string missing, most plastic sleeves to house the photographs are split or missing. Photographs in very good condition.

Price: $3,000.00

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