Paris: L'Assiette au Beurre (20 Juin 1908).

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A German edition of the weekly French satirical magazine with a cover illustration relating to the notorious Eulenburg scandal that engulfed Germany from 1907-1909. Maximilian Harden was the jingoist editor of the periodical Die Zukunf and accused Philipp, Prince of Eulenburg-Hertefeld, and General Kuno, Graf von Moltke of engaging in homosexual activities. Both men were members of Kaiser Wilhelm II's inner circle and the ensuing scandal had long lasting effects on the gay rights movement in Europe. The affair received wide publicity and is often considered the biggest domestic scandal of the German Second Empire. It led to one of the first major public discussions of homosexuality and was the first occasion that the word "homosexual" was introduced into common usage.
Very good, spine cracking a bit.

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