Boy with Arms Akimbo. AIDS ADVOCACY.
Boy with Arms Akimbo.

Boy with Arms Akimbo.

. [California 1989-1990].

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Boy with Arms Akimbo. [California 1989-1900]. A group of material from this anonymous AIDS activist collective working in and around the Bay Area from 1989-1992. Taking a more provocative and confrontational stance than many other activist groups, they used guerilla art tactics to promote a pro-queer-sex message in the wake of Jesse Helms’ 1988 amendment banning federal funding for AIDs education programs. More than 4000 posters (several documented here) were pasted around San Francisco by BWAA and their work spread throughout the country. An early adopter of DIY and anti-copyright aesthetics, the encouraged appropriation of their texts, projects and iconography- including their eponymous logo. As the Queer Cultural Center noted when they included BWAA in their 2011 Queer it Yourself exhibition: “The group also welcomed and documented the informal contributions of passerby who improved, defaced or otherwise modified its street graphics.”
Included are:
Sheet of 10 “Sex is /Just Sex” stickers;
One 57.7 x 43 cm poster for a Canadian Micah Lexier exhibition poster on newsprint prominently reproducing the Boy With Arms Akimbo motif;
Five double weight gelatin BW photographs, one 10” x 8” , the others 16” x 20” (with one duplicate, but processed at a different exposure with different parts of detail shown) all showing various interventions at (and on) the Phillip Burton Federal Building in San Francisco;
A small (12pp) 16mo. Xerographically reproduced pamphlet Boy with Arms Akimbo: His Story (San Francisco: Healing Tales 1989).

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