Teatro proletario de cámara, con un prólogo de César Aira. Osvaldo LAMBORGHINI.

Teatro proletario de cámara, con un prólogo de César Aira.

[Spain?] : Tórculo Artes Gráficas (2008). 552pp.

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Osvaldo Lamborghini (April 12, 1940 – November 18, 1985) was an avant-garde Argentine writer of the 1960s. Illustrated throughout with erotically charged color photographs. A facsimile edition of an erotic diary kept by the Argentinian. wrpter.
One of 300 numbered copies.
Proletarian Chamber Theatre is an unfinished project Osvaldo Lamborghini (Buenos Aires 1940 - Barcelona 1985), preserved by Hanna Muck among the papers left at his death in Barcelona, and in which it has been working since 1982.
The original consists simple and practical eight-ring binder with the title and volume slipped to the back typed on paper. Some pages are typed or handwritten, with texts or poems. In other leaves there are drawings, paintings, rubbings, photographs and collages, cuts mostly cheap pornographic magazines, and often accompanied by a slogan or some sentences and retouched silhouettes or painted with pen, marker, wax or polish, made everything with a wide range of techniques.
We do not know the order that established Osvaldo to bring order to the leaves and to introduce new ones, as evidence in the composition of this work pretty amused.
This quasi facsimile edition compiled into a volume the original eight folders this unfinished project, carefully limited and numbered edition of 300 copies. Although it has kept the original order, has been dispensed with blank pages.

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