Historia De Chucho El Ninfo. FACUNDO, José Tomás de Cuéllar.

Historia De Chucho El Ninfo

Tipo-Litografía De Hermenegildo Miralles (1890).

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The first novel published in Mexico with an explicitly homosexual theme. Part of the La Linterna Magica series, the story about the life and travails of an effeminate homosexual man (a "chicken"), Chucho is portrayed as a stereotypical nineteenth-century Mexican dandy. The adventures of the protagonist were intended to illustrate the social breakdown caused by lack of education, the perceived deterioration of Mexican families and the pernicious influence of foreign ideas in the aftermath of the brief French occupation of the country. The rambling novel is careful not to offend readers (or the printer) with the use of explicit references to homosexual acts, but use of "race ninfea" (fairy race) or "mujerucos" left no reader unclear about the author's intent to deride homosexuals.
Illustrated by José María Villasana. See Monsiváis, Carlos. "Los 41 y la gran redada". Letras Libres: 2002; Irwin, R. The Famous 41: Sexuality and Social Control in Mexico @140-42.
. The second edition of this rare Mexican work; the first appearing in 1871 (see below).

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