Item #6987 Lieblingminne und Freundsliebe in der Weltlitteratur. Elisarion VON KUPFFER.

Lieblingminne und Freundsliebe in der Weltlitteratur

Berlin-Neurahnsdorf A. Brand [1900]. 220pp.

Item #6987

The first true anthology of homosexual writing, produced by the artist and writer and initiated in response to Oscar Wilde's imprisonment. The writers represented include the early Greeks and include Goethe, Verlaine, Adolf Brand (with whom he collaborated on the long-running gay journal, Der Eigene) and numerous others. Von Kupffer's introduction to the book argues that homosexuality is a fundamental part of social life and disparages the idea of a "third sex" advocated by Hirschfeld and others as destructive. The volume was banned by authorities in 1903 and the book has become a great rarity and is an important milestone in gay history and one of the cornerstones of gay literature. The arguments articulated in the book remain as culturally significant as they were in his own day.
The volume precedes the other major anthologies in the field, Men and Boys: An Anthology (1924) and Edward Carpenter's Iolaus (who was inspired to collect his material after reading this book).
A very good copy in lightly worn contemporary boards, the uncommon wrappers are present and bear the signature of the Romantic writer Peter Hille. The book was published in 1900 by the gay rights crusader Adolf Brand and the sheets were later conveyed to Max Spohr, who re-issued the book under his own imprint. Quite rare. $2000.

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