Item #6974 Ink drawing of seated figure, from the collection of Jean Bourgoint. Christian BERARD.

Ink drawing of seated figure, from the collection of Jean Bourgoint

Item #6974

Bourgoint and his sister were immortalized in Cocteau's classic Les Enfants Terribles as the troubled siblings whose relationship ended in disaster. Bourgoint was a member of Cocteau's close circle of friends, which included Berard, Maurice Sachs, Rene; Crevel and assorted others, many of whom were frequent users of opium. He later befriended Jacques Maritain and eventually settled in Cameroun, where he worked in a leper colony. The image is approximately 8.5" x 11" and is in very good condition and bears the Bourgoint ownership stamp. Although unsigned by Berard, the images is one of a series by the artist assembled by Bourgoint and sold in Paris in 1966. Henri Sauguet wrote at that time: "Bourgoint, a vingt ans...etait l'ami de Christian Berard et de Cocteau, qui s'inspire de sa vie pour "Les Enfants Terribles." Il se lie d'amitie avec Sauguet, Maritain, Crevel, Benoist-Mechin, d'Astier de La Vigerie, Maurice Sachs, Jean Hugo, tout l'entourage de Cocteau l'accueille, le fete. Il dessine beaucoup, puis soudain, il abandonne Paris, passe un temps a la campagne chez Jean Hugo, puis en 1947, entre la Trappe de Citeaux, d'ou il part en Afrique soigner les lepreux. C'est au milieu d'eux qu'il vient mourir. Cette collection est emouvante on y trouve...un ensemble tres important de Berard.

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