Item #2810 Poems. A. R. ARJAVA, J. A. Chadwick.


London: John Watkins (1941). 360pp.

Item #2810

A collection of mystical poetry, much of it clearly homosexual in tone, written by a Cambridge scholar who migrated to India and lived much of his adult life in an ashram. Quite uncommon.
Chadwick (1899–1939), son of a Church of England clergyman, was a mathematician and fellow of
Trinity, Cambridge, joining an occult order in the 1920s, possibly Crowley’s A. A. or O.T.O. (Crowley was
a Trinity man) or Dion Fortune’s Fraternity of the Inner Light. Dissatisfied with Western life, he
travelled to India where he entered the ashram founded by Sri Aurobindo, never returning to these
shores. His mainly spiritual verse includes a sequence of twenty-one poems to ‘Bobby’ which are
frankly Uranian.

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